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The Division of Finance:

Each year Student Government through its Division of Finance allocates over $300,000 to registered student organizations. This money comes directly from the $20 Student Activity Fee charged to your student account.

Please remember that in order to be eligible for funding you must:
~Be a Registered Student Organization (RSO) in good (Financial) standing with Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services.
~Meet with a member of the Finance Division before submitting your application.
~Have completed and presented an Evaluation within the allotted time if you have previously received funding.
~Have your treasurer or delegated representative attend the mandatory treasurer’s meeting.

The time guidelines are as follows for requesting money:
~Requests of less than $4,000 must be presented at least four (4) weeks before the date of the event.
~Requests between $4,000 and $10,000 must be presented at least six (6) weeks before the date of the event.
~Requests greater than $10,000 must be presented at least eight (8) weeks in before the date of the event.

Finance forms, membership applications, and the Rules for Appropiation and Allocation (RAA) may be downloaded by clicking on the "Finance Division Forms" link below.

All completed Finance Forms must be turned in one week in advance by 5:00pm in order to present at the next meeting. Completed applications will be free of any errors and approved by a Finance Division member. The application process may take several meetings. Groups should not turn in first drafts of the application the day they are due.

Finance Division Forms

Finance Division Important Dates

Finance Division Members

Finance Division Meeting Minutes