The AITP, Association of Information Technology Professionals, Ferris State University student chapter is designed and targeted to provide education to information technology students about leadership, how to grow your leadership abilities, information technology, and provides students with an education about the business world and how it works together with our degrees and professions.


The goal of our AITP student chapter is setting students up to succeed within the business world by providing them with opportunities to take their knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it in the business world to get a jump start on creating a successful career. Through AITP, students will have excellent opportunities to network with other students and business professionals to provide further assistance with their careers.

Why join AITP at Ferris State University?

AITP demonstrates a willingness to be a part of the professional community. It helps to build relationships between future employers and colleagues. Additionally, it can add leadership abilities to your ever-growing repertoire of skills, which employers favor greatly. AITP is also a great opportunity to learn how to work in groups/committees. Joining AITP is an excellent approach to discovering job opportunities as well. All Ferris State University students pursuing or considering an information technology related degree is encouraged to attend the AITP weekly meetings and get involved.